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How to Care for Your Guitar: Tips from McBride Music & Pawn

Unidentified man cleans his electric guitar neck with a white rag over the knees. Black and white shot

Unidentified man cleans his electric guitar neck with a white rag over the knees. Black and white shot

Whether you are a novice musician and just learning or a seasoned professional, caring for your guitar will help protect your investment as well as retain the resale value of your instrument, should you wish to trade it in or upgrade in the future.

At McBride Music & Pawn we have over 47 years as one of the largest vintage and used guitar retailers in Denton. When it comes to guitars, we’ve seen it all. Since most of us are musicians it is a little painful sometimes watching amazing guitars come across our counter which haven’t been cared for. We consider guitars to be more than instruments; we consider them art and part of our heritage in some cases, which is worth protecting.

If you have purchased a new or vintage guitar, we have put together some tips to help you properly care for it and preserve its resale value.


As a rule, guitars need to be stored in a climate-controlled environment. Guitars left in an attic or garage are often discovered to have severe damage, much to the dismay of their owners that thought they had them put up for safe keeping. Extremities, in general, are bad for the instrument. Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry……..your guitar will not like respond well to any of those environments.

Additionally, never store your guitar for an extended period of time with the strings tuned up to pitch. Slacking the strings down a couple of steps relieves the tension on the neck, but doesn’t take all the tension completely away. For vintage instruments, be sure to take them out of the case a couple of times a year, as old plastics tend to emit gasses that can be damaging to the instrument if they are not allowed to disperse.

Lastly, if you aren’t going to keep your guitar in a case, at least put it on a stand. Many guitars have met an early demise because they were propped up against a wall or corner, only to fall over and have the neck broken.

McBride Band

Doug Burr’s album release at Dan’s Silverleaf with our own Cody Garcia backing.


Have you ever seen a guitar player wipe down his or her strings after a session? That is because your hands transfer dirt and natural oil from your skin to the strings every time you play. A dry cloth works or there are a variety of portable and disposable cloth options. Pinch the string inside the cloth and apply pressure to clean both sides of your guitar string at the same time. As far as cleaning goes, just wiping your guitar down with a clean, lint-free cotton cloth goes a long way, but if you want to take it a step further, be careful what you put on your guitar’s finish. There are even some commercially available guitar polishes that I would never recommend. For most modern guitars, any good, name brand guitar polish/cleaner should work fine.

On older instruments, most of which have nitrocellulose finishes, you need to be much more selective about what you put on your guitar. We recommend GHS Guitar Gloss, Planet Waves, or Preservation Polish. We do NOT recommend Martin brand guitar polish on older instruments, especially Fenders and Gibson from the late 1970’s. This particular polish almost always leaves a cloudy finish that looks worse than when you started.

Other than that, have fun, and enjoy playing the guitar!

“Any place you would be uncomfortable staying for very long, your guitar would be uncomfortable too.” Cody Garcia, McBride Music & Pawn

If you are looking for a new guitar, or want some free advice on the proper care of your guitar from our staff of experienced musicians, bring your guitar in and pay us a visit. We are an active member of the musical community in Denton and enjoy meeting other musicians. We also supply new and quality used accessories for your guitar in-store and a selection of goods on eBay​.

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Upcoming Live Music Events (Denton)

McBride Music & Pawn is a proud member of the Denton and area live music community.  Whether participating as a sponsor for events on the square, or as a musician at one of the open stage concerts, we are out there enjoying and supporting the rich entertainment talent in North Texas.

Twilight Tunes on the Square

The Square in Denton boasts a vibrant music community.  The ‘Twilight Tunes on the Square’ is offered on Thursday evenings in front of the Denton County Courthouse lawn on 110 W. Hickory Street from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Admission is free and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy quality live music and browse some of the downtown businesses and restaurants, and enjoy the vibe of “the square”.

Grab a chair and some food to catch “The Bird Dogs” on June 4th or “The Raised Right Men” on June 11th.    Click here for the full ‘Twilight Tunes” schedule for the summer of 2015.

Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel

A great live band you won’t want to miss on May 30th at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton.  Tickets are available online.

The Southpaw Preachers (with Unmarked Graves, Neon Cobra, Chase Ryan and The Grave)

Hailey’s Club in Denton (122 W Mulberry Street) is hosting an event on May 30th featuring five bands.  For more information visit the Hailey’s Club website.

Christy Hays & Caliche (with Kevin Kirby)

On Sunday, May 31st Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton hosts Christy Hays & Caliche.  Tickets are $10 and doors open at 7:00 p.m.  Ages 21 and up only.
Do you have a local live music event?  We’re happy to support Denton’s live entertainment community, so visit McBride Music & Pawn on the square and leave a flyer and event information.  While you’re visiting check out some of our deals.

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Vintage Collectibles and Gift Giving

What do you get someone who has everything?   A piece of the past and an gift that has nostalgic meaning.  That is part of the appeal of shopping at a pawn shop, being able to find unique vintage items that are reflective of local history and culture, built with the kind of classic quality that endures.

gun kit

McBride Music & Pawn – Vintage Gun Kit

At McBride Music and Pawn we have enjoyed seeing some of the most interesting merchandise come through our doors.  We arrange lending for some customers while others enjoy bringing in items that they no longer want or need to sell for cash or credit toward the purchase of other items in our store.  For 47 years we have heard some amazing stories and history about vintage pieces.  It’s one of the reasons we love what we do and you never know what you are going see every time you visit as our merchandise is always changing with one-of-a-kind unique items added daily.

This vintage gun kit would be the ideal gift for any hunter or game and wildlife enthusiast as a display item and conversation piece.   This collection would also be perfect for a hunting or outdoor recreation retail store as a display item.  The kit includes cleaning tools, original oil and 30-30 Powerpoint vintage ammo.   Keep it in the box or remove the components to create an antique gun cleaning display.   This type of item is very popular with some original unopened packages and components.   For more information on this item contact us at: (940) 387-5412.

paragon kiln (1)

McBride Music & Pawn – Paragon Kiln

For people who love to do ceramics, why pay to have someone else kiln dry your projects when you can own your own kiln?   This Paragon Kiln is the perfect size for small to medium projects including dishes, custom vase, holiday decorations or figurines.   Paragon glass kilns are the standard in professional quality for industrial or at-home use and are easy to set up with a space saving design.  If you have wanted to start to create your own creative art projects at home, call us at (940) 387-5412 for more information.

eagle claw reel

McBride Music & Pawn – Stream and Lake Model 88a Fishing Reel


Do you know someone who is a fishing enthusiast?  Father’s Day is just around the corner and if your Dad or husband is serious about fishing, consider getting him a unique display gift for his “man cave”.   This Eagle and Lake Model 88A was manufactured by Wright & McGill in the early 1960’s.  The reel is in excellent condition and features the “Speed Lock” mechanism and can be re-spooled and used.   It’s a great gift idea!

Make McBride Music & Pawn your first stop when searching for unique gifts and quality heritage merchandise.  We also carry a selection of musical instruments and supplies, consumer electronics including smart phones and accessories and more.   Visit us on the square in Denton.

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