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Top Shooting Ranges in The Denton Area

Firearms are a very interesting thing to collect. Due to variety in construction and design, history, and provenance, they can be put on display and still be valuable. But there’s another, more obvious way to enjoy your firearm collection, and that’s to fire them! Below are some of the top firing ranges in the Denton area, and a bit about them.

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Why Your Antique Firearm is Treated the Same as a New One

Buying and selling antique firearms can almost be a hobby within a hobby. Things like historical importance, individual craftsmanship, and extreme scarcity are things that only antique firearms can bring to your collection. But even with all of those differences, there are quite a few ways that an antique firearm is treated the same as a new gun would be. Below are a couple examples of things to remember when bringing in an antique firearm to your local pawnshop.

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Gun Reform – How Will It Influence The Pawn Industry?

If you’re a gun owner, then chances are you’ve heard about the new gun restrictions that may be put in place as part of an Executive Order  by President Barack Obama. If you’re a gun collector though, you’re probably wondering how this affects your ability to build, trade, and sell your collection of firearms. While there are many things to consider about the new rules, here are some things to think about when buying and selling firearms through a pawn shop:

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