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Popular Guns To Pawn In Denton

If you’re a gun collector, it’s more than likely that you’ve run into the problem that all collectors eventually face–a lack of space! But if you have a large collection, it can sometimes be hard to know which ones you should take to your local pawn shop. To help you thin the herd a little bit, here’s a list of some of the more popular guns for sale in the Denton area.

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Why Are We So In Love With The Electric Guitar?

22236157942_de80d856af_mBaseball, apple pie, and ‘57 Chevys are American icons that are ingrained into

our culture. That is a simple fact that no one can debate, but not far behind on that list is the electric guitar. America has a love affair with the electric guitar and all things rock’n’roll. But why?

The electric guitar’s origin is the subject of debate, but there are examples of solidbody guitars from as far back as the early 1930s. Les Paul came up with his first electric guitar, dubbed “The Log”, in 1940. This was the beginning, and his creation of an “electrified” solid body guitar, along with his prominence in the music industry, paved the way for what was to come.

America’s, and subsequently the world’s, infatuation with the electric guitar began in the 1950’s when images of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and Ritchie Valens came flickering into the living rooms of impressionable youth on their families’ black and white televisions. The electric guitar had arrived. Moreover, rock’n’roll had arrived, and nothing has been the same since. Kids all over the United States, and soon the world, would be asking their parents for electric guitars. Allowances would be saved, lawns would be mowed, and papers would get thrown all in the name of rock music. In 1957, the retail price of a new Fender Stratocaster, just like the one Buddy Holly played on tv, was $275.00. That was A LOT of money then, and so what happened? The market responded and within a few years every major department store had their own brand of electric guitar, so parents everywhere could give their kids that little slice of rock’n’roll on a budget. The Silvertone, Harmony, and Kay guitar brands were born. These, among others, would be found under Christmas trees for years to come.

But why do we “love” the electric guitar? What is it that ignited that passion and turned it into the icon it is now? Well….it is a lot of things. The U.S. was just coming off of WWII, and the youth were ready for a change. Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Little Richard came on the scene and were putting out something that the kids were latching onto by the thousands. The door for rock’n’ roll was opened and more artists were walking through it every day, and much like the pied piper, the kids were following. Everything about it…..the beat….the sense of abandonment and “danger”…….the rebellion. The kids wanted it, and the electric guitar was a way to get it. They could make it their own, and all they had to do to get it was order it out of the Sears catalog.

From there, the sky was the limit. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin took the electric guitar to another level. Muddy Waters went electric, and to everyone’s  shock, so did Bob Dylan. The Byrds turned the electric guitar into a thing of beauty, while Pete Townsend turned the guitar into a weapon. All of these different artists were making groundbreaking music in one of the most vital times in modern history and they all had one common denominator: the electric guitar.

I try to remember this now when I sell a family their kid’s first electric guitar. I have even tried to explain it to parents, about how their son or daughter is looking for something that is theirs, and theirs alone. I tell them that their kids are going to start locking themselves in their rooms, playing their guitar for hours, and turning their music up too loud. I also tell them that it is going to be okay. A fourteen year old kid can take a Fender Strat into the bedroom, turn the amp on, and feel like he or

she is on top of the world. It’s not that different than burning down the highway on a motorcycle or hitting a home-run. Turning up the volume and hitting a power chord can be a sublime moment when nothing else exists. You can forget your homework or your mortgage,  and for a few minutes, you can go “somewhere else”. As long as people get this feeling from the electric guitar, it will remain relevant, no matter what shape or form modern music may take. And that is why the electric guitar is an icon.

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Vintage Collectibles and Gift Giving

What do you get someone who has everything?   A piece of the past and an gift that has nostalgic meaning.  That is part of the appeal of shopping at a pawn shop, being able to find unique vintage items that are reflective of local history and culture, built with the kind of classic quality that endures.

gun kit

McBride Music & Pawn – Vintage Gun Kit

At McBride Music and Pawn we have enjoyed seeing some of the most interesting merchandise come through our doors.  We arrange lending for some customers while others enjoy bringing in items that they no longer want or need to sell for cash or credit toward the purchase of other items in our store.  For 47 years we have heard some amazing stories and history about vintage pieces.  It’s one of the reasons we love what we do and you never know what you are going see every time you visit as our merchandise is always changing with one-of-a-kind unique items added daily.

This vintage gun kit would be the ideal gift for any hunter or game and wildlife enthusiast as a display item and conversation piece.   This collection would also be perfect for a hunting or outdoor recreation retail store as a display item.  The kit includes cleaning tools, original oil and 30-30 Powerpoint vintage ammo.   Keep it in the box or remove the components to create an antique gun cleaning display.   This type of item is very popular with some original unopened packages and components.   For more information on this item contact us at: (940) 387-5412.

paragon kiln (1)

McBride Music & Pawn – Paragon Kiln

For people who love to do ceramics, why pay to have someone else kiln dry your projects when you can own your own kiln?   This Paragon Kiln is the perfect size for small to medium projects including dishes, custom vase, holiday decorations or figurines.   Paragon glass kilns are the standard in professional quality for industrial or at-home use and are easy to set up with a space saving design.  If you have wanted to start to create your own creative art projects at home, call us at (940) 387-5412 for more information.

eagle claw reel

McBride Music & Pawn – Stream and Lake Model 88a Fishing Reel


Do you know someone who is a fishing enthusiast?  Father’s Day is just around the corner and if your Dad or husband is serious about fishing, consider getting him a unique display gift for his “man cave”.   This Eagle and Lake Model 88A was manufactured by Wright & McGill in the early 1960’s.  The reel is in excellent condition and features the “Speed Lock” mechanism and can be re-spooled and used.   It’s a great gift idea!

Make McBride Music & Pawn your first stop when searching for unique gifts and quality heritage merchandise.  We also carry a selection of musical instruments and supplies, consumer electronics including smart phones and accessories and more.   Visit us on the square in Denton.

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Welcome to McBride Music and Pawn

firearmsGuitars-2gold and silver pile scrap and cash dollar

What is old is new again.  Antiques and vintage collectibles have always been fun to find and buy for consumers who enjoy the authenticity of quality goods. Why pay full price for appliances, jewelry, electronics, guns and musical instruments? Get more value for your money on gently used goods at McBride Music & Pawn.

Used Firearms

We buy and sell quality used handguns, rifles and shotguns and we have been FFL licensed for over 47 years.  If you have firearms that you are not using, call us or bring them by our shop for a purchase estimate.  We can issue you a cash payment for your guns or offer you a store credit toward the purchase of other merchandise.

Trade in your firearms for discounts on quality jewelry, electronics, musical instruments and supplies and more.    And if you are shopping for a gun, pay us a visit first and see what we have in stock.   Whether you are a vintage gun collector, hunting enthusiast or shopping for a new handgun, you will find something at the right price in our inventory.

We Pay Cash for Gold

Turn broken gold jewelry, necklaces, rings and earrings into cash.  We buy scrap gold by weight from 10k to 24k, and we also offer cash for your quality jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces and more.    Contact McBride Music & Pawn for more details.

Denton’s Music Resource

Visit McBride Music & Pawn on the historic square in Denton, Texas for quality used and vintage collectible music instruments and guitar restoration services.  We buy and sell used electric and acoustic guitars and carry other instruments and equipment, including vintage bass and amps.  An important part of the Denton music scene for almost fifty years, McBride Music & Pawn is a fun place to visit.

Appliances and Household Items

Upgrade some of your household appliances in an affordable way by shopping with us.  McBride Music & Pawn is the first stop for students and adults looking for great deals on high quality kitchen appliances, smartphone’s and other personal technology.  You never know what you’ll find, so before you shop and pay full retail price visit McBride Pawn in Denton.  You’ll enjoy some amazing shopping and our friendly staff!

McBride Music & Pawn is a licensed pawn broker offering quick cash and Denton loan services.  Call us at: (940) 387-5412

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