It’s late November and that means there’s only about a month left until Christmas! Here are some great gifts that the people you love are sure to enjoy.

1) Tablets

Price range on average: Between $69 and $299
Who these are for: Anyone who does things on the go

In our constantly connected world, few things are more useful than a tablet. They have the ability to play music and movies, work on documents, take and edit pictures, and play games anywhere, making them a cure for boredom and busyness alike. This diverse set of uses also makes a tablet a great gift for just about anyone in the family, to boot.

2) Digital Cameras

Price range: Point-And-Shoot cameras start around $69, DSLRs start around $270
Who these are for: Photographers, travellers, people who like to record their memories

While it’s great that our phones (and tablets) can capture life quickly and easily, we sometimes find ourselves wanting a much higher quality picture. Perhaps we’re blowing it up to hang on the wall, or making a proper photo album or a scrap book. Digital cameras are getting to be of such high quality these days that both social teen and professional photographer alike can find one that suits their needs. It’s hard to go wrong giving one as a gift at Christmas time, when there are so many people and scenes to take pictures of!

3) Musical Instruments

Price range: Varies
Who these are for: The musically inclined and the musically aspirational

People have been giving musical instruments to each other as Christmas gifts for centuries, and it’s easy to see why! When you give someone an instrument, you’re giving them a gift which will enrich their mind and soul by helping them learn (or perfect!) an important and treasured art form, one which will bring joy to themselves and those around them.

4) Jewelry

Price range: Varies
Who this is for: Loved ones, people who have reached important milestones.

Jewelry has an ability to express so much emotion and recognition. Love, pride,and gratitude can all be said with something shining and beautiful to wear. It is a gift that lasts forever, and takes all of our memories along with it. Perfect for the Christmas season and all of its memories!

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Image Credit: Flickr