Being a collector of any sort has never been easier. If you’re missing something special for your collection, the Internet provides easy, direct access to more resellers, liquidators, and other collectors than ever before. Still, online or off,  real collectors should always check with pawn shops first. Here are some reasons why:

1) A Seller You Can Trust

Pawn shop owners place an importance on their reputation with customers. When compared with a private seller , a pawn shop offers you much more peace of mind after a big purchase. They want your experience to be pleasant and exactly what you were expecting, so that when you’re ready to add that next item to your collection, you return to them. A private seller may not have this same dedication to longevity and satisfaction.

2) Details

The reasons that someone might sell something are obviously varied, but it’s often that they would rather have the money sooner rather than later. This means that many people who sell privately don’t often take the time to research what they have, to compile a lot of information on the item, or even so much as take a picture for you.

If you’re a fan of Fender guitars and you’re looking for a 1972 Tele Deluxe, it can be hard to find one in the swaths of poorly-written classifieds saying “FENDER GUITAR, OLD. ELECTRIC. $950 OBO.” Pawn shops like McBride’s take the time to tell you about what it is that you’re looking at, so that you can find what you’re looking for–whether you’re looking at our online store or you’ve just walked in.

3) Only the Best Quality

If you take a quick glance through online auction listings or Kijiji, you will doubtlessly find a lot of individuals selling broken things, or things “for parts only”. While those sorts of items are helpful if you’re a bit of a hobbyist, generally collectors want something complete, and in good condition or better. When building your collection at a pawn shop, this is never a worry–with us, the focus is on quality items. We know that, to a collector, the condition of the item matters just as much as filling that spot in their collection!

You can get a lot of things from strangers on the internet, but if you’re a collector, you deserve a high quality shopping experience. Start with our online store!

Image: Flickr