Pawning an item is a relatively safe and low-hassle way to get a loan quickly. Since the agreement is setup from the beginning to make sure that you get the item back, it also means your item is stored in a safe, reputable place. It’s like it’s not even really gone! However, here are some tips you can use to make sure that you get your item(s) back after every loan.

 1) Pick a Reputable Pawn Shop

Before leaving your personal item in exchange for cash, it would be a great idea to read up on all of your possible pawn options in as much depth as possible. If you have a personal relationship with a pawn shop or you know someone who does, this is even better–this personal connection means that you can be assured of the reputation of the pawn shop, which is important in giving you confidence that the deal with run smoothly and as planned.

2) Understand (and Obtain a Copy of) the Agreement

Since you’re receiving money and giving the pawn shop an important piece of property, it is in your best interest to ask as many questions you can to make the terms of the agreement clear to yourself. What’s the amount that you need to pay back, including any interest? When is the deadline, by which you have to payback the loan? Are there any other stipulations or clauses? If the pawn shop you’re taking a loan from is reputable, answering these questions and providing a copy of the agreement for you should be no problem.

3) Pay Back Your Loan

This should go without saying, but the best way to guarantee that you get your item(s) back is to make sure that you pay back your loan on time! This is the single most common term in any agreement in a pawn situation (that your loan must be paid back in full or with interest, and by a certain time), and no respectable pawn shop should have any reason to withhold your item from you should you do so.

With a reputable pawn shop, pawning an item is a safe and easy way to get some much needed cash. Just make sure you know everything you need to know beforehand and that you pay back the loan, so that you don’t lose a precious item in the process!

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons