These days there are new video games being created every second of every day, which means more and more games go from cutting edge to antique. But do used and old video games still matter? Of course they do! Let’s talk about why.

1) Changing Market, Unchanging Tastes

If you grew up in the mid-80s to early 90s, there’s a fairly good chance that you owned a Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES. The original home of marquee series such as Mario, Zelda, Mega Man, and Final Fantasy, the NES is undoubtedly one of the greatest consoles ever.

But as technology increased in complexity over the years, it made it easier for developers to create much more interesting worlds for players to explore, with deeper storylines and more varied gameplay. This means that older games stand out, and rather pleasantly, to those who fondly remember simpler times. This is why older machines, despite being primitive, can often yield a great return for the seller; The NES is but one such example.

2) Cheap Replacement Machines

“They don’t make ’em like they used to” is a quote that applies to all technological devices, and video game consoles are certainly no exception. It’s not out of the question that you may find, after years building up your collection of games for a certain platform, that your console no longer works properly, making it impossible to play your vast library of games. If you’re looking to buy a new console to play those games, used consoles are easy to find in most pawn shops. As they’re a high demand item, it’s also easy to sell or pawn most consoles at many pawn shops.

3) More Games, Less Money

Let’s say that you’ve just been given a new machine as a gift. The console has been out for a few years but you’d never thought to buy one yourself. Do you go to the local big box retailer, or a website like Amazon to get games? Why? Your local pawn shop probably has a lot of the most popular titles at much lower prices, as video games are, like consoles, frequently pawned. Plus, once you’ve finished with a game, you know exactly where you can bring it to get a little bit of money back!

Whether you’re selling or buying, a local pawnshop like McBride Music and Pawn is a great place for your video game collection!

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons