While the actual restrictions on what you can pawn and what you can’t pawn differ between shops, the items that are the absolute best to pawn are tops almost across the board. Here are a few of the things you should bring in to your local pawn shop if you’re looking for the most cash, fast!

Power Tools

This category obviously includes electric tools, such as drills, Dremel tools, and saws, but also gas powered items! Things like lawn mowers, generators, and leaf blowers are always in demand, so long as there is yard work to do. When bringing in tools, make sure that you have the battery packs, chargers, and if applicable, any accessories. Make sure that the tools are cleaned up and in full working order–saws should still be sharp, lawnmowers should still run, and all of your batteries should still charge. If your tools are only a bit out of shape, it might be worth having them repaired as it will increase the value. Another thing to consider is the age of the item. Newer tools will always get more cash in return than older ones.

Video Games

Did you buy a new game console only to be disappointed, and now it’s sitting and collecting dust on a shelf? Well, good news: Though you may not get the full price you paid when the machine was new, it’s still possible to get a lot of money back through your local pawnshop for it.  Bringing in a recent (current generation) game system, along with some games and controllers, is an excellent way to make a quick and tidy sum. Just make sure that you’re not missing any cords or cables, and that the system, controllers, and any games are in working condition.


This one is very common, and yet it’s almost never something with low demand. Jewellery made from precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, is what most pawn shops are after, in order of popularity (stainless steel pieces are rarely accepted). Typically you will get an offer based on the “purity” of the metal in the item, which is best appraised by an experienced jewellery expert. The purity is then referenced against the current value of the metal in the world, as well as the prices being paid by the local competition for the same items. Any precious stones will add value as well!


Image Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons