Unlike a typical retail outlet, the prices of items in a pawn shop are not set by a corporate office or by a manufacturer’s price list. Here are some reasons why it’s important to visit your local pawnshop regularly, in order to get the best deal.

1) Items Can Change Often

As a pawn shop normally has a smaller amount of space compared to an entire chain of first-run retail stores like department or hardware stores, it’s rare that they do things like order multiple piece orders of stock of an item. There are usually only one or two of a specific item, and the items change quite frequently. As each item is sold, it is replaced with another. That new item could be just what you’re looking for, and if you’re not regularly checking in, you could miss out if someone else gets to it first!

2) Sometimes Items Don’t Sell…And This Could Benefit You!

Depending on factors as varied as the season at present and simple demand for an item, it’s possible that an item could remain in a pawn shop for much longer than initially expected. These items may in turn see a drastic reduction in price, in order to attempt to move them. The only way to take advantage of these price reductions, however, is to see that they’ve happened by checking in store as often as possible, and keeping tabs on something you might want to buy once it becomes a bit cheaper.

3) You Might Find A Nice Surprise

As inventory is driven in part by acquisitions from customers or private sellers, it’s impossible to know exactly what items might be in a pawn shop from one week to the next. That Christmas or birthday gift you just can’t seem to find might be something you hadn’t even thought of, something that’s just waiting to be discovered at your local pawn shop.


A pawn shop is a place where the items in stock are never exactly the same for long. Checking your local pawn shop as frequently as possible is sure to yield an item at a great price, something cool you didn’t know you wanted, or both!


Image Credit: Flickr