For the most part, no item is too hard to pawn, and everything has a future home! These ten things were pawned for, or sold for, a tidy sum.

1) Death Clock

An ornately designed clock from the early 1800s, these clocks were so named because due to the mercury used in the construction, everyone who produced them would go on to die early deaths. One of these clocks went for $10,000 at a pawn shop in Las Vegas.

2) WWII Tank Scope

Used for targeting enemy armaments in the second world war, the tank scope is an iconic piece of military history. The price? $2500 (tank not included).

3) An Edward Maynard Rifle

This rifle was of the type that was popular during the civil war. One made after the war, in 1873, was sold for $2500.

4) A Spark Plug For A Ford Model T

Looking to refurbish that ultra classic Model T you’ve got in your garage? Well if you’re missing a spark plug it’ll set you back a bit. One of these spark plugs recently went for $75!

5) A Horse Tricycle

Not a tricycle for a horse–though that would probably cost a lot too! A toy tricycle, built in the 1930s in the shape of a very detailed horse, was recently sold at a pawn shop for $499!

6) An Olympic Gold Medal

Though these pop up from time to time, one particular sale stands out as particularly lucrative for the seller. A 1948 gold medal from St. Moritz in Switzerland (the first Olympics following the start of the second world war) was once pawned for $8000!

7) Dr. Kevorkian’s VW Van

Jack Kevorkian remains a controversial figure after his death as a practitioner of assisted suicides. It’s no surprise then that owning a piece of his history would be attractive to curiosity collectors. His 1970s VW Van (where he sometimes performed his operations) was pawned for $20,000.

8) Harry Winston Earrings

A particular pair of Harry Winston earrings, containing both diamonds and rubies, were once pawned for an astounding $315,000! Maybe the owner decided to buy a house or two instead?

9) JFK’s Cigar Box

Perhaps the most famous and tragic president in history, it’s no surprise that someone would want to own an otherwise bland personal item, such as his cigar box. It was once pawned for $125,000!

10) A Helicopter

Though there are many auctions for aerial vehicles, this is an oddity– a helicopter was once pawned in the UK for 1,000,000 pounds!

Image Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons