Pawning items is a relatively painless way to make some extra money. The following are the top five items to pawn.

1) Electronics

Whether it’s retro video games, music, and movies (all popular with collectors),  or slightly older TV sets and stereos, there is always a market for used electronics. Make sure that everything is in working condition, is cleaned up, and comes with all the needed components (remotes, controllers, cables, power cords), and any pawn shop will take a look at what you’ve got to offer.

2) Musical Instruments

A very popular item with us, musical instruments are a common sight in pawn shops everywhere. It makes sense–not everyone who receives an instrument or purchases one is cut out for playing one. But that’s okay! There’s always someone out there looking for their first guitar or even a band instrument such as a saxophone or trumpet.

3) Sporting Equipment

Sports can be expensive to play, in particular, the expenses with youth sports can multiply year on year as the little athlete grows into a bigger one. But instead of hanging on to those old pads and sticks and cleats, why not pawn that stuff and get some of your money back? It’s very common for people to buy used sports gear, due to the expense as mentioned above, and so there is always a market for it.

4) Jewelry

Jewelry is usually given as part of a happy occasion, like a wedding, a birthday, or an anniversary, to give a few examples. But tastes change and things happen, and so sometimes even your once-favourite piece of jewelry might be sitting in a box somewhere, not being worn or admired. That jewelry, like everything else on this list, would certainly be worth much more to you if you pawned it–particularly if it includes expensive materials like diamonds, rare gemstones, or gold.

5) Power Tools

Sometimes we need a tool for a very singular, never to be repeated task, like a nailgun while we’re remodeling a basement from scratch. But power tools are quite expensive, and so there’s both a buyers market for cheaper, used power tools, and money to be made if you’ve got a tool laying around that was barely used at all.

Remember: These are only some of the best items to pawn! If you think you have something we might like at McBride Music and Pawn, drop by with it and say hello!

Image Credit: Flickr