Firearms are a very interesting thing to collect. Due to variety in construction and design, history, and provenance, they can be put on display and still be valuable. But there’s another, more obvious way to enjoy your firearm collection, and that’s to fire them! Below are some of the top firing ranges in the Denton area, and a bit about them.

Eagle Gun Range

Boasting a “72 degree filtered shooting environment”, the Eagle Gun range is both pistol and rifle friendly, and one can rent a lane at the rate of $20 per day! The range also recently started their own league, called the Eagle Shooting League. Matches take place on the third Friday of every month, starting at 6 PM. To participate in the league, one must have their own ammunition, but some firearms are available for rent. There are even prizes such as a year long membership up for grabs!

Quail Creek Shooting Range

Hosting things like $10 Happy Hour (Tuesday to Friday, 4:45 PM to 6 PM), and Ladies Night (Ladies shoot for half price on Thursday nights!), the Quail Creek Shooting Range is open Tuesday to Sunday from 8 AM to 6 PM. The range allows both pistols and rifles, so long as they are not fully-automatic. A full host of training courses is also offered, which you can see at the website by clicking here.

Proactive Defense

Proactive Defense has varied publicly available range times, which can be seen by checking the schedule here. With several outdoor ranges, the focus of the facility is on instruction (both private and public) for people at all levels of shooting experience. There are several membership pricing options available, including a $125 elite membership which includes unlimited use of the tactical shooting range! Proactive Defense even hosts an annual shooting camp in New Mexico, which consists of three days of handgun instruction (including night lessons), followed by two days of rifle instruction. The event is a great place to meet other firearm owners in your area!

Frisco Gun Club

For those who are looking to shoot in comfort and luxury, look no further than this place! Frisco Gun Club has 40 lanes: 36 for handguns and small calibre rifles (25 yards), and 4 rifle ranges (100 yards), all using a high-tech digital target carrying system. There’s also an on-site gunsmith, a cafe, a coffee shop, and even things like meeting rooms and a VIP restaurant for events! Check out the website here.

Image Source:  Flickr Creative Commons