If you’re looking to buy, there are so many options these days for buying both new and used. From chains like Wal-Mart and Guitar Center, to private sellers using sites like Kijiji, Ebay, and Cowboom. But the option that should be top of mind when you’re looking to buy anything is your local pawn shop, whether you visit the shop online or in person. Here are some reasons why:

Buyer’s Remorse Working For You

It’s common in this day and age for someone to buy something on impulse. They like it when they first see it in the store–maybe it’s something they find novel, maybe it’s just a great deal that was too good to pass up. What often happens next is that the person who made this impulse purchase immediately regrets it. Some might sell it privately, but that can take time due to account sign-up processes, and comes with seller fees, and so it’s not a good choice for people who want an instant “reversal” of their purchase. For someone looking to buy something relatively new, this means that some waiting is involved for that new item to get to their preferred marketplace (though it’s easy to find a good deal once that item is on the service)

Now that pawnshops like McBride’s are online, it’s possible to shop as quickly as scrolling through private sellers , and it’s much faster than driving to the store to shop. Without complicated account signups and fees, it’s also likely that these purchases that others regret then might be found quicker and possibly even cheaper at your local pawn shop than either of the other options.


Let’s say there are two different manufacturers making a microwave. One of them is quite a bit cheaper in general because of the quality of parts used. That one though becomes the most popular on online sites because people see it as a “good deal”, and it pushes the better quality microwave into obscurity.

Your local pawn shop wants instead to make sure that your item is always of a certain quality, which also includes clearly representing that quality to you, whether through detailed descriptions in the online store or through one-on-one assistance in person.

Your local pawnshop relies on its reputation for fair prices, high quality items, and excellent personal service. Whenever you shop, check with us first!

Image credit: Flickr