We’ve spoken frequently about guns, guitars, and jewellery when talking about things you can pawn at McBride Music and Pawn, but did you know that you can pawn your classic car parts too? Here’s some quick to read info about pawning classic car parts at our shop!

–We’ll buy anything, so long as it’s quality!

Though it might seem like there are some car parts that would be too big or too difficult to sell for a pawn shop, McBride’s will take any quality classic car part off of your hands, and give you cash in return. If you’re not wanting to or able to bring the part to us in person to have it appraised, simply take a few high quality snapshots of the part and send it in to us. We’ll give you our price, based on fair market value, and then you can bring in that part to get things started! The best types of parts are the ones that are clean and in working condition.

–You get the money right away!

Just like pawning anything else, once you bring in your classic car parts, we’ll take them as collateral and give you a loan right away, as soon as we come to an agreement on the value of the item. Then, you just have to pay the loan back by the set date in order to get your item back!  Compared to setting up and running an online auction, or placing a classified ad in a car trader magazine, this is both cheaper and less time consuming! Perfect when you need cash quickly.

–Looking to get to know your fellow car enthusiasts? We can help with that too!

The people at McBride Music and Pawn frequently attend classic car shows in and around North Texas. If you’re looking to find out when you can see muscle cars, vintage roadsters, and antique automobiles (and the people who are into them), drop us a line!

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons